Awesome Vintage Scrapbook Ideas Collection

Looking for vintage scrapbook ideas, and how to fix your mistakes? Find and save tips about Awesome Vintage Scrapbook Ideas Collection ideas here.

We’ve all tried it, ruined the perfect scrapbooking page layout. Globs of glue within the wrong place, crooked stickers or typos are just a few common mistakes made on scrapbook pages. Before you waste your paper and supplies by wasting a page gone wrong, you could be able to salvage that layout using these scrapbooking ideas.

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Accept Mistakes

Before you try to repair your mistakes, have a close look in internet marketing. Is it really that bad? Scrapbook layouts needn’t be perfect. In fact, they are more endearing to your families when they aren’t. Accept that your family will enjoy mistakes, and be able to let them go. Do you really need to correct that mistake in any respect?

Scrapbooking Ideas for Glue Mistakes

Try to prevent excessive glue utilizing the appropriate adhesive on your project. Textured page elements like fabric or ribbon work well with glue dots, and big items like photos and frames may be attached quickly with tape runners. Tiny accents may only need a dab of glue. Try using a glue pen because of these.

A rubber eraser is a good scrapbooking tool to own on hand whenever you are working with glue. Let the glue dry completely, and then carefully rub the location with the rubber eraser. It should lift the glue quickly the paper. If that does not work, shop your neighborhood scrapbooking store for adhesive remover. Dab a little on a cotton wool ball and rub gently. Of course, you additionally can cover the glue with another page accent. A sticker can cover a wide variety of mistakes.

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Scrapbooking Ideas for Typos

Typos may be the most annoying scrapbooking mistakes. Once you notice it, it is the first thing the truth is on the page. Remember that others may not even notice it. Sometimes you’ll be able to correct the misspelling easily by changing a letter. If the error is a title or journaling block, cut a piece of cardstock the size of the region, and try again. You’ve also added a framed page element for a page inside the process.

Scrapbooking Ideas for Misplaced Stickers

If you discover a sticker in the wrong place quickly enough, sometimes you’ll be able to gently lift it in the page. If it’s already stuck for a paper and also you risk tearing the page in case you remove it, you’ll find special adhesive removers that can lift it from a page. Be sure to always have some on hand whenever you are utilizing stickers.

If a misplaced sticker is making the page off balance, you are able to always increase the stickers towards the page to even out the page. Make the sticker blend in the page by adding more focus for your focal point photo. If it’s exactly the wrong sticker, develop a mat go over it and apply the correct sticker to the mat.

Scrapbooking is about creativity. Stretch your imagination and look at your mistakes as challenges. How can you work your mistake to the layout? I’m sure you’ll develop many tricks to correct your scrapbooking errors.